Tips on entertaining at home this Christmas

We all love this time of the year, the weather is hot, the in-laws are on their way and we get to indulge ourselves a little more without feeling guilty because hey, it’s Christmas!

Christmas is also a perfect time to catch up with friends so we have some tips on hosting your own party at home.

Choose your type of party

Is this more of an adults party or for the whole family? A great family get together is a Christmas cookie decorating party. The kids will have a blast and so will you!

Knowing how many people are coming will help to dictate what type of party you want to throw. If there are only a few close friends, a sit down dinner party would be perfect, if a lot of friends choose to have a BBQ or appetiser cocktail party.

Pick a theme

You might want to pick a theme for your party. Being in Australia will of course dictate which theme you choose including beach attire, summer Christmas outfits and party shirts. Don’t forget the ugly sweater theme, you can find some funky shirts, tights and dresses online with these patterns.

Make your appetisers ahead of time

Appetisers no longer just mean small plates of finger food only. You can be as elaborate as you wish, think outside the box with mini sliders, salad bowls and stuffed eggplant. Don’t worry though, a lot of appetisers can be made in advance and be ready to quickly heat up when your guests are ready to eat.

Preparing the food in advance means you will not have to be stuck in the kitchen when your guests arrive, instead you can have a drink with your friends as they arrive.

Set up a self-serve drinks bar

Have the esky’s stocked and the drinks table readily stocked for mimosas or cocktails is a great way for people to help themselves without having to pester you during a conversation or when you are getting the food out.

If guests are bringing their own drinks, have the esky’s ready with ice and a large bucket for bottles of wine along with some fancy (maybe plastic) glasses available.

Have a large table set for the food

Have a table ready for all the food to be placed on so your guests can help themselves whenever they want. This gives you more time to mingle and chat and not be caught up serving each person.

If you are having a sit down meal, line the middle of the table with the bowls of food and your guests can help themselves to what sides they want. You might wish to cut the meat in advance of placing it on the table or cut it at the table with everyone around you.


The house will most likely be already dressed for Christmas, but if you have chosen a theme add your themed decorations to the mix. If you are having your sit down meal, make your table stand out with gorgeous Christmas additions such as Christmas styled napkins, plates and runner.