How to Cheese Fondue Tips

Here's our hot tips on how to have the most decadent, cheesy fondue!
  • Grate the cheese add a small amount of cornstarch flour & salt & pepper to the mix.
  • Heat wine in heavy based saucepan until hot but not boiling
  • Add the cheese slowly to the alcohol (beer, white wine, apple cider) & stir in a figure 8 pattern to mix thoroughly & becomes smooth.
  • You can add a little Dijon mustard to the mix or finely chopped herbs for flavour.
  • If using a fondue pot warm before adding the cheese mix. Before adding the cooked cheese fondue to the pot, you can rub a clove of fresh cut garlic inside of the pot for added flavour.
  • Allow approximately 200-250g per person of cheese.
  • Cheese recommended to use. Raclette, Gruyere, Emmental, Massadam

Serve with or in crusty bread loaf, with roasted baby potatoes, cornichons, cooked chorizo chunks or cocktail cheese kranskys, fresh apple slices.