No food waste this Christmas. The best recipes to use for your leftovers!

It is inevitable that we will have more food than even our eyes can handle on Christmas Day. Everyone is lying on any spare couch, chair or bed after lunch thinking how is it even possible to fit in dinner as well!

There will be leftovers on Boxing Day and instead of throwing it out, why not use them to make some easy and delicious meals while the cricket is on and everyone is distracted by their new presents Santa brought them.

Recipe - Ham quiche.png
Recipe - ham and corn fritters.png
Recipe - Boxing Day sandwich.png
Recipe - ham toasties.png
Recipe - fried rice with ham.png
Recipe - croque monsieur potatoes.png
Recipe - roast pork platter.png
Recipe - lobster roll.png

Lobster Roll

Recipes thanks to The Spruce Eats and Taste!

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