What's on trend in 2018 for Christmas

Each year new trends are constantly popping up whether it is with fashion, cocktails, technology and Christmas, we generally see a large hype with everyone wanting in on the action.

This year’s Christmas trends have something to suit every household so continue reading to find what style you will go with for 2018.

Courtesy of Craftberry Bush

Courtesy of Craftberry Bush

Christmas Blush

Soft pinks, rose golds and champagne are all major colour players in this year’s blush theme. Trees ornaments, house decor and table decorations and tableware will all be in these gorgeous colours, sweeping the house into a wonderland of beauty.

Australia Eucalypt

Elegant tones of pale blue, greens, pewter and champagne gold create a beautiful Australian Christmas in your house. Table decorations are branches from eucalypts carrying with them the aromas and look of an Australian summer.

Courtest of At Home

Courtest of At Home

The Arctic Woods

Think whites, soft greens, browns, grey and birch coming together to give you a Northern Hemisphere winter wonderland. Go all out and add fake snow around the Christmas tree and over the table with pinecones sprinkled into the mix. This gorgeous theme will have you believing you can step outside and be greeted by snow.

Traditional Christmas Magic

Traditional greens, reds and whites will never not be on trend at Christmas. The lively characters of Santa, reindeers and snowmen will adorn your tree, stockings and living room along with the many candy canes dotted all around the house.

Other trends that are not necessarily in a theme include:

  • Lots of fairy lights - inside and outside!

  • Asymmetrical wreaths

  • Creative table napkins

  • Glass bottle candle holders

  • Upcycled ornaments

  • Christmas tree collars - woven basket style

  • Leaf table place cards

  • Zero waste gift wrapping

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